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File Preparation

check PDF Format

PDF documents garuntee that we can print exactly what you see, regardless of whether or not we have the fonts or the images.

To create PDF's you need to own Adobe Acrobat or have an alternative software.

If you cannot create a PDF, we can for you (from a Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or another program) at our minimum charge. After we create a PDF we will email it back to you so that you can verify that there were no errors. If changes need to be made, they will be billed at our standard design rate.

check Text and Images

Include fonts, or convert to outlines.
Images should be 300dpi and CMYK.

We're not trying to overwhelm you, so if your having difficulty, just give us a call. We would be glad to help!

check Resolution

300dpi for maximum quality.
200dpi for quality laser color copies.

What is DPI? Dots per inch. It is the amount of information contained in one inch. Think of DPI like traditional televisions and HD television of the same size. An HD TV shows much more information than a traditional TV of the same size.

The Abobe Creative Suite has this feature built into the creation of documents, but many others do not. Finding the settings for individual programs can be difficult.

We would be happy to let you know the print quality, just send it to us and we will explain any techincal issues.

check Bleeds


All artwork that has artwork that goes to the edge of the paper, MUST include .125 of artwork PAST the trim line.

For example, the business card above is 3.5x2 inches. But for us to print them with the image that goes to the end of the paper, we actually used artwork that was 3.75x2.25 inches.

Please do not include a bounding box near the trim line.

OK, ready to upload your file?